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Around the world with Sapa

Around the world with Sapa

Sapa would like to celebrate its diversity by giving you a glimpse of our presence in the countries where we are located. Look for weekly updates on our website and on our social media channels.

Imagine gathering all Sapa’s 22,800 employees in one place. We would easily fill one-third of England’s Wembley Stadium, France’s Stade de France or Beijing’s Bird’s Nest, the stadium used in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. We could rent Chicago’s Wrigley Field and bring our spouses and fill all the seats. Or we could hold hands and make a circle around Manhattan. 

We will probably never meet in one place, but our combined efforts, knowledge, hard work and skills are brought together every day of the year.

Sapa employees have a common drive for success and a desire to serve customers. We have a worldwide reach with around-the-corner presence, serving local businesses and global customers with products we design and create. We try to make the world lighter, safer, faster and more sustainable for the generations to come.  

We will introduce a new country every week for 40 weeks on and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If you do not follow us already on these channels, then please do.


One week, one country, one Sapa