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'Always better' is one of the goals of Sapa's extrusion team in Austria.Did you know?

Austria is situated in the middle of the European Union and is geographically one of the smaller countries in Europe. Its capital city is Vienna.

Austria is the land of schnitzel, lederhosen, Mozart, Falco and alpine meadows. Right around the corner from the famous skiing regions of Silvretta – Montafon, Arlberg and Großwalsertal – Sapa has an extrusion plant in the city of Nenzing in Vorarlberg, an international region where Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany are all reachable within 40 minutes by car.

The Nenzing plant was founded in 1972 as Hydro Aluminium Nenzing GmbH. A three-press operation, it has virtually doubled its production capacity over the past 40 years.

Wicona-brand systems were used in this building in Graz.Sapa’s aluminium building systems business area also has Wicona and Sapa Building System-brand offices in Seekirchen and Gleisdorf, respectively, and a logistics center in Bruck an der Leitha.

Safety first: 

The Nenzing plant follows a strict safety policy. This is because safety is the basis for perfect quality, which is an ambition of the plant. The extrusion process requires high temperatures and high pressure. Carelessness can have serious consequences and it is a declared goal of Sapa to avoid all types of accidents. Every accident is avoidable.

We are proud of 'green' Nenzing: 

As an industrial company in the midst of the sensitive Alpine region, Sapa is measured with extra strict standards when it comes to environmental issues. The plant aspires to the conservation of nature through efficient use of resources and careful handling of environmentally hazardous substances.

Sapa Nenzing has a number of certifications, including ISO 50001, which is based on the management system model of continual improvement. ISO 50001 also certifies that the plant has fully integrated energy management into its overall effort to improve quality and environmental management. The Nenzing plant was also the first extrusion plant in the world with a certified "environmental footprint" of its profiles.

Safety comes first at the Nenzing plant.We believe our strengths in Austria are:

The Nenzing plant won the title “Best of the Best” from Sapa in 2014. This prize is awarded every year for outstanding excellence in diverse categories. A key reason for this success is the plant’s focus on building trust and maintaining close and long-time relationships with its customers. The plant wants to be a problem solver that always tries to find the optimal solution to the diverse needs of its customers.

The plant is never satisfied with normal. Its employees always strive for better.

Facts about Austria: 

Capital: Vienna

Highest point: Großglockner, 3,798 m

Population: 8.6 million

Language: German (Austrian German)

GDP: USD 436.3 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.26 (Euro-zone average)

Sapa's extrusion plant in Nenzing, Austria