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Sapa in Canada, Mississauga plant

Did you know?

Sapa’s operations in Canada include two extrusion plants, located in Mississauga and Montreal, and one casthouse, in Toronto. Canada’s capital city is Ottawa, although Toronto is the most densely populated city in the country and has been ranked as the fourth-most livable city in the world.

The birth of the Canadian aluminium industry occurred in 1901 when the Pittsburgh Reduction Company, later renamed Alcoa, poured its first ingot of aluminium in Quebec in October of that year. Today, Canada produces 3 million metric tons of aluminium per year.

Get to know one of Sapa’s Canadian plants:

The extrusion plant in Mississauga was established in 1987. The site has about 250 employees, and 71 of them own more than 20 years of service. The plant received the Gold Award for Operational Excellence for three consecutive years prior to becoming part of Sapa. The Mississauga facility serves a variety of markets, with a concentrated focus on the automotive market.

What is a casthouse?

Sapa owns and operates 20 casthouses, including one in Toronto, which opened in 1974. In a casthouse, aluminium scrap is melted and formed – or, cast – into billets.

Sapa in Canada, remelting operationsRecycling is a core business operation of the aluminium industry. In North America, the industry recycles millions of tons of aluminium each year, and more than half is melted and cast domestically. The rest is exported in the form of scrap, which is ultimately melted and cast in other countries.

The Toronto facility produces 150 million pounds of billet – about 68,000 metric tons – on an annual basis.

The operation is lean, with 55 employees and a flat organizational structure. Recent improvements include the installation of a trailer dumping station, which reduced trailer maintenance costs dramatically.

Stay safe:

"There is nothing more important to me than employees going home safe to their families each day."

Ralph Westphal- Ralph Westphal, Sapa’s plant manager in Mississauga, Ontario

We believe our strengths in Canada are:

Sapa strives for production that is green and sustainable. One example of this is the water recovery system, which significantly reduces water consumption and which includes a pollution control system to provide environmentally safe runoff.

The Mississauga plant houses four extrusion presses, ranging in size from seven to ten-inch diameters. The Montreal plant has three presses, with seven, eight and nice-inch diameters. Both facilities are equipped with modern vertical paint lines, die shops and fabrication departments with a range of services from precision cutting to thermal debridging.

Safety is Sapa’s top priority, and the company is therefore proud that Sapa Profiles Montreal in October 2011 received the prestigious prize Innovation CSST. The award is presented by the Commission on Health and Safety at Work in Canada. If you understand French, you can learn more about this here:

Smart student:

Did you know that Dawson College student Nicholas Parent won the 2014 Sapa Sustainable Design Award? The Canadian student won the prize for an extruded aluminium wall bracket system, which helps bring new life to old skateboards.

Nicholas Parent's award-winning projectThe project reflected practicality, creativity, market potential and process/product improvement, and it also addressed environmental and societal concerns.

Facts about Canada:

Capital: Ottawa

Highest point: Mount Logan 5,959 meters

Population: 34.8 million

Languages: English and French

GDP: USD 1.8 trillion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.64