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Sapa in China

Did you know?

With its approximately 1.4 billion inhabitants and many megacities, China is the largest aluminium extrusion market in the world. In fact, aluminium consumption in China has surpassed the combined European and North American markets. Many extruders are present and competition is fierce.

Sapa has close to 1,000 employees in China.

The company has a fabrication plant in the northern part of Shanghai and a combined aluminium tubing and extrusion plant in Suzhou, east of Shanghai.

Zero is possible at Sapa's plant in Suzhou.Much of Sapa’s recent expansion in China has occurred at the plant in Suzhou, which began operations as a greenfield facility in 2005. Additional capacity is being installed to help meet the growing demand from the automotive industry and from the HVAC&R industry, where aluminium tubing is replacing copper at a rapid pace.

We believe our strengths in China are:

The parts we fabricate are delivered to some of the most demanding customers in the world. We are good at quality, attention to detail, and on-time delivery.

In China, we get our materials from different countries around the world as well as from different suppliers in China. We then need to deliver to customers according to the delivery time requested. Aluminium building systems from the Wicona brand, as an example, have been installed in high-rise buildings across China..

Our safety advice:

Care about others is an important safety rule. It means that one should not only pay attention to his or her performance, but to their colleagues as well. If employees care about each other, safety will be everywhere.

It is not possible to run a quality-focused organization unless the organization always works in a safe manner. It's a prerequisite.

Wicona is one of Sapa's aluminium building systems brands.Throughout Sapa’s plant in Suzhou are notice boards with safety information, posters with pictures and messages, and employees wearing work shirts with a big "0" on the back. "Our goal is zero quality deficiencies and zero injuries," says operations manager Yilei Wu. 

A project we are proud of:

Project Huaku Tianzhu is a luxurious department building in Taiwan which is using Wicona systems materials delivered from Sapa in China. This was the Wicona brand’s first project in Taiwan. As in China, Sapa’s customers demand the best, and this has helped build the company’s position in another country as a provider of high-quality solutions.

Facts about China: 

Capital: Beijing

Highest point: Mount Gongga, 7,556 m

Population: 1.4 billion

Language: Standard Mandarin

GDP:  USD 9.2 trillion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 2.77