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Sapa in DenmarkSapa's extrusion plant in Tønder was established in 1975. The group's precision tubing plant is located right across the street.

Did you know?

Denmark is a country in northern Europe, bordering Germany to the south, and Sweden and Norway as a part of Scandinavia. The country consists of a peninsula called Jutland, and an archipelago of 443 islands of which around 70 are inhabited. Denmark is known for the royal family, Hans Christian Andersen, Lego, The Little Mermaid, Danish pastry and windmills.

Sapa has around 800 employees in Denmark, representing each of the company’s business areas. The company has an aluminium extrusion plant and tubing plant in Tønder, near the German border. The extrusion plant was established in 1975 as Hydro Aluminium Tønder, and currently employs 250 people. The tubing plant, located just across the road, was established in 1990. It has 450 employees. Sapa also has a sales office in Risskov.

The Vejlefjord bridge is Demark's busiest.

Danes have always been interested in the production and application of metals. The world's first successful isolation of aluminum was made by the Dane Hans Christian Oersted in 1825. Sapa is the only aluminum extrusion company presented in Denmark. 

We believe our strengths in Denmark are:

Our committed and loyal workforce is the core of our business at Sapa. In cooperation with our business partners, we develop an environment that thrives on delivering flexible and high-quality aluminum solutions combined with excellent customer service. Innovation and service is key.

One of our major strengths in Denmark is how we act on our customers’ requirements and behavior.

As a part of a big global Sapa network, we provide access to different strengths and capabilities from countries and plants all over the world. This means we can serve our customers’ different requirements.

Aluminium wingtubesProjects we are proud of:

Sapa in Denmark has had the honor of contributing to a wide range of innovative development projects. One is Denmark's busiest bridge, Vejlefjord (pictured above), which was fitted with an aluminium wind and noise screen. This provides safety for crossing cars while reducing the sound of traffic for the nearby town of Vejle.

In another project, together with our customer Bundy, Sapa designed a “wingtube” (pictured right) for use in heat exchangers in industrial refrigerators. These systems can now run longer and be cleaned more easily. Have a look at  the video!

Facts about Denmark: 

Capital: Copenhagen

Highest point: Møllehøj, 171 m

Population: 5.7 million

Language: Danish

GDP:  USD 341 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 5.38 



Capital: Tallinn

Highest point: Suur Munamägi, 318 m

Population: 1.3 million

Language: Estonian

GDP: USD 25.9 billion

Cost of a Bic Mac: EUR 3.05