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Sapa in Estonia 

Did you know?

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, facing the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland. It is one of the least-populous member states of the European Union, and more than half of its land area is covered by forest. Furthermore, the country has some 1,500 islands, 1,000 lakes and 7,000 rivers.

Estonia holds the largest collection of national folk songs in the world – it counts more than 133,000 such songs – and it also produces more business start-ups per person than any other country in Europe.

Sapa in EstoniaSapa established a sales office (pictured) and stock for standard extrusions in Estonia in 1996. The company employs 13 people at the office in Harjumaa, which is located in the northern part of the country.

Our safety advice:

Behave safely everywhere, so that you arrive for work safely in the morning and reach home safely in the evening. Safety has to be a natural part of every move you make.

We believe our strengths in Estonia are:

Sapa’s team in Harjumaa is capable of playing an important role in the product development processes of its customers. The team offers good technical skills in cooperation with technical service support from Sweden.

Sapa in Estonia

Projects we are proud of:

Sapa delivers friction stir welded aluminium deck panels to Baltic Workboats, a growing shipyard located in the Baltics. Over the past 15 years, the company has built more than 130 vessels for pilots, coast guards, police, fishery inspections, research institutes and harbors in nearly all Baltic Sea countries. Sapa has taken part in their product development.

In addition, Cleveron is a producer of fully automated parcel terminals. Using innovative technology, the company has been steadily increasing its volumes for different markets across the world. Sapa delivers fabricated aluminium extrusions to Cleveron.

Facts about Estonia: 

Capital: Tallinn

Highest point: Suur Munamägi, 318 m

Population: 1.3 million

Language: Estonian

GDP:  USD 25.9 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: EUR 3.05





Capital: Tallinn

Highest point: Suur Munamägi, 318 m

Population: 1.3 million

Language: Estonian

GDP: USD 25.9 billion

Cost of a Bic Mac: EUR 3.05