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Sapa's Wicona-brand aluminium building systems test center

Did you know?

Sapa has around 1,300 employees working across the country in Germany. This is one of the biggest and most important extrusion markets for Sapa in Europe.

Sapa has four extrusion plants in Germany. They are located in Bellenberg, Offenburg, Rackwitz and Achim-Uphusen. A sales office for the company's extrusion operations is in Düsseldorf. The Building Systems business area has activities in Ratingen, Ulm, Duisburg, Gerstungen, Heppenheim and Leipzig. Sapa also has an aluminium tubing plant in Remscheid.

We believe our strengths in Germany are:

Sapa in GermanySapa offers customers the broad competence and all-inclusive solutions of the entire Sapa group. But at the same time, the company uses the advantages of medium-sized production sites, which keeps Sapa flexible and  close to the customers, like speedboats in the market rather than a Titanic.

“Our major advantage is our full-service approach as a 'one-stop shop,' enabling us to fulfill demanding customer needs in complexity, added-value activities and service,” says Ralf Liedtke, plant manager of the Uphusen site.

A project we are proud of: 

Sapa is very proud of the zero-energy test center (pictured at top) created by Wicona, one of Sapa’s aluminium building systems brands. The objective was to run an energy self-sufficient industrial building. Large-scaled window areas in the facade and the roof enable employees to work almost without artificial lighting. Simultaneously, there is no need for cooling. The water demand for the facade tests was reduced to become ecologically compliant, using a closed water circuit with cistern and multi-stage filter. As a result, the Wicona Test Center is one of the first zero-energy factory buildings.

Local event:

In 2014, Sapa was represented by 31 employees from Rackwitz and Uphusen in corporate runs in Leipzig and Bremen. This was a great occasion to have fun outside of work - and to stay healthy.

Sapa employees in corporate runs in Bremen and Rackwitz

Facts about Germany:

Capital: Berlin

Highest point: Zugspitze 2,963 m

Population: 80.1 million

Language: German

GDP: USD 3.8 trillion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.26 (Euro-zone average)