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Sapa in IndiaEach business area in Sapa is active in India. That includes our aluminium tubing and building systems operations, and here at the extrusion plant in Kuppam. 

Did you know?

India is home to 1.25 billion people and is the second-most populous country in the world, next to China. It is the world’s largest democracy and one of its fastest-growing economies. In addition, India is the country with the most official languages – 24 – and it has more than 700 dialects.

All of Sapa’s business areas have operations in India. The company has an extrusion facility in Kuppam, a welded tube operation in Pune, and a sales office in Bangalore. These facilities can produce materials for automotive and HVAC applications, as well as extruded profiles with anodizing, powder coating and custom fabrication.

The building systems operation has an office on the outskirts of Bangalore providing engineered solutions to the local market. The organization works with designers and specifiers of high-end buildings using the Technal brand, and with metal builders and the mass market using the long-established Domal brand.

We believe our strengths in India are:

The economy of India is growing, and major global companies are investing and developing the business in India. Sapa is the only global company in the aluminium extrusion area and therefore has a unique position in meeting the market’s demanding standards.

Sapa in India

Sapa’s site in Kuppam is an integrated facility that is one of a kind in India. Its major strength is the ability to deliver products to international standards to service key global customers. This is achieved with focus on quality and process controls by trained and motivated people. In addition to its manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, it is the only company in India to have qualicoat and qualanod certification for surface treatment. 

Our safety advice:

Be safe. Reach home safely. They are waiting for you expectantly.

In India, Sapa is working to improve the safety culture within the plant through continuous training and by implementing safety procedures. The company also runs a program aimed at improving driving practices for the employees, to maintain safety on the road. This includes defensive driving training, and free protective helmets to employees who have valid driving licenses.

Facts about India: 

Capital: New Delhi

Highest point: Mt. Kanchenjunga, 8,598 m

Population: 1.25 billion

Language: India has 24 official languages

GDP:  USD 2.1 trillion

Cost of a Big Mac: $1.89*

*We are listing the price of a Big Mac in the countries where we are active, in reference to the Big Mac index invented by The Economist in 1986. It is based on the theory of purchasing-power parity, the notion that in the long run, exchange rates should move toward the rate that would equalize the prices of an identical basket of goods and services (in this case, a burger) in any two countries.

Sapa's extrusion plant in India