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Sapa in ItalySapa has three extrusion plants in Italy. Here, outside the plant in Ornago, employees celebrate the first day of the joint venture in 2013. 

Did you know?

Sapa has around 700 employees in Italy, working across the country. Sapa’s three extrusion plants in Italy are located in Ornago, Feltre and Atessa.

In addition, Sapa’s aluminium building systems business area has six companies present in Italy. 

We believe our strengths in Italy are:

Sapa covers the Italian market and meets a broad scope of demands. Its extrusion plants serve mainly the industrial market, with focus on automotive, mechanical and electrical engineering, transportation and the consumer market.

And with the building systems brands Original Systems, Domal and Wicona, Sapa serves the whole range of building market segments. 

Our safety advice: 

Tower 35XV in New York City

Safety is the top priority for all Sapa units in Italy. Engagement, competence and total commitment from all employees have kept Sapa’s sites in Italy as the safest industrial workplaces in Italy. Changing attitudes toward safety have been a key factor in the safety work.

Projects we are proud of: 

Intercom S.R.L., one of Sapa Building Systems’ customers, won an important residential building project in New York City, with relevant support from Sapa’s project engineering department. Tower 35XV on West 15th Street (right) in Manhattan, designed by FXFOWLE Architects, has been built with Wicona-brand unitized curtain wall structural glazing.

The building is characterized by complexity in its corner units’ variation and usage of unitized construction in sloping areas. It is a remarkable achievement by the project engineering department and an example of an excellent result from continuous research in complex project execution.

Another project is Villa Piacenza (below, right), where the Domal brand participated in the creation of an elegant villa in a green countryside near Piacenza, Italy.

Villa Piacenza

Further, the Ornago and Feltre plants have been selected as key suppliers of extruded profiles for the new Alfa Romeo Giulia platform. This will be the most important project in the coming months for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in Italy.

Local engagement:

Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan is the largest museum of science and technology in Italy, and one of the most important in Europe, drawing hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Sapa’s extrusion company in Italy is contributing to the museum’s Materials department, which includes a section on metals: aluminium, steel and copper.

 “The exhibit targets university students, young engineers and architects. It is an important museum and we are happy to contribute to the promotion of our material within the new generations,” says Luca Bertola, who is managing director of Sapa’s extrusion company in Italy.

Facts about Italy: 

Capital: Rome

Highest point: Monte Bianco 4,810 m

Population: 59.8 million

Language: Italian

GDP: USD 2,150 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.26 (Euro-zone average)

Sapa's Ornago extrusion plant in Italy