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Sapa in MoroccoSapa's Technal-brand aluminium building solutions were used in the construction of the lovely Royal Palm Hotel in Marrakech.

Did you know?

Morocco is located in the northern part of Africa, bordering the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Its neighbors are Spain (across the Gibraltar), Algeria and Mauritania. The nation declared its independence from France in 1956.

The Kairaouine Mosque became the world’s first university – and its foremost center of learning – at the beginning of the second millennium. It is known today as the University of al-Kairaouine.

The country’s biggest city, Casablanca, shares its name with the 1942 award-winning movie featuring Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart. But Rabat is Morocco’s capital city. 

In Morocco, the liver is traditionally considered the symbol of love, rather than the heart.

We believe our strengths in Morocco are:

In Morocco, Sapa offers aluminium solutions to the building and construction market, mainly through the Technal brand.

Sapa in MoroccoMorocco’s dry and hot environment is ideal for utilizing natural energy from the sun and wind. Technal also provides aluminium facades that are safer and stronger than conventional facades and enjoy insulation that benefits the indoor climate.  

A project we are proud of:

Technal started a strong prescription action in Morocco in 2013. This has paid off, as the brand won a project for the Royal Palm Hotel (pictured above, below and at right) in Marrakech. Technal supplied sliding systems for the flagship and prestigious resort.

The added value of the Technal brand in this complex project was to create large sliding windows that could be opened by the access cards of the customers. In addition,a specific and reinforced baffle was developed to meet inertia requirements.

The brand is also supplying aluminium solutions for nearby villas, but is particularly proud of being part of The Royal Palm, which remains one of the most marvelous in Marrakech.

Facts about Morocco: 

Capital: Rabat

Highest point: Toubkal, 4,167 meters

Population: 33.9 million

Languages: Arabic, Berber

GDP:  USD 107 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: Not available

Sapa in Morocco




Capital: Tallinn

Highest point: Suur Munamägi, 318 m

Population: 1.3 million

Language: Estonian

GDP: USD 25.9 billion

Cost of a Bic Mac: EUR 3.05