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Sapa in the NetherlandsDid you know?

Sapa has around 650 employees in the Netherlands. We have a solid presence in this market with our aluminium building systems company as well as three extrusion plants. These are located in Drunen, Harderwijk and Hoogezand.

Leopold Moormann

In addition, Sapa Pole Products creates lighting columns, traffic signal poles, traffic sign posts, flag poles and decorative structures for public infrastructure projects.

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam, while The Hague holds the Dutch seat of government and parliament. The port of Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe – as large as the next three largest combined.

We believe our strengths in Pole Products are: 

“In our business, we are seen as an innovative and customer-focused supplier of quality products for a wide variety of applications,” says managing director Leopold Moormann (above, right).

Gaëlle van de Steen

We believe our strengths in extrusion are: 

“The major strength is our enormous drive to meet and exceed our customers’ demands,” says production director Gaëlle van de Steen (right).

Our safety advice:

Sapa Pole Products recently introduced an awards system for the reporting of near-miss incidents during its quarterly meetings with all employees. By doing this, we demonstrate the importance of stimulating people to identify risks and get people to report the incidents that could have resulted in injury.

A project we are proud of: 

Together with the municipality of Heusden, we developed the “newlife” pole. We produced a new light pole out of an old one. Not by remelting the aluminium, but by reusing the old pole – a great example of our sustainable approach to production. In January 2015, the first newlife light pole in Nieuwkuijk was installed.

Sapa in the Netherlands

Mayor Jan Hamming of the municipality of Heusden performed the official act by putting one of the poles into the ground. "We celebrate the eternal life of light poles," he said.

Facts about the Netherlands: 

Capital: Amsterdam

Highest point: Vaalserberg 322 m

Population: 16.9 million

Language: Dutch

GDP: USD 880 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.26 (Euro-zone average)