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Sapa headquarters and Sapa MagnorDid you know?

Sapa’s headquarter has been located in Oslo, the capital of Norway, since 2013.

Norway has only five million inhabitants, but the country is large in terms of landmass with a coastline that stretches over 83,000 kilometers (51,500 miles) including the fjords and islands. 

Photo: Harald M. ValderhaugOur corporate management team is based in Oslo, where 93 people are working with everything from human resources and legal affairs to corporate communication, sales and marketing. 

Sapa Building Systems Norway and the aluminium building systems brand Wicona have seven employees, and are located just outside Oslo. 

We have one extrusion plant in Norway. It is located in Magnor, in the eastern part of Norway, not far from the Swedish border. Sapa Magnor was established in 1971 as Hydro Aluminum Profiles. Today the plant has 110 employees – more than 30 percent of them women – with an average age of 46 years.

Meet our plant manager: 

Henrik Futtrup (pictured, below right) leads our extrusion plant in Magnor.

Our safety advice: 

Think before you act. Stay safe for yourself and your colleagues.

We believe our strengths in Norway are:

We have a strong foothold in the offshore and maritime sectors as well as the building sector.

A growing and interesting market for aluminium in Norway is the offshore market, where aluminium is being increasingly used in gangways, helidecks, living modules, scaffolding, fish farm boats, wind farm boats, ferries and in subsea applications.

Henrik Futtrup

Sapa has a solid understanding of this market and is working closely with universities and the industry to develop products for the market. We provide friction stir wielding, fabrication and support to the Norwegian and international offshore market.

In the building sector, Sapa Building Systems delivers building, floor and transport systems. One example is the new campus of Bergen University, where Sapa has supplied facades, windows and doors to the prize-winning building. 

Projects we are proud of: 

The energy-positive building Powerhouse Kjørbo, just outside Oslo, is an office building from the 1980s that has been renovated to produce more energy than it consumes. The project was built by a collaboration of enterprises and businesses within the building industry. Sapa is one of the strategic partners in this alliance and has contributed with our expertise and products in the field of façade and window technology for zero-energy buildings.

Powerhouse Kjørbo