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Sapa in PolandSapa arranges customer technical training all over the world, including here in Poland. 

Did you know?

Poland is a large country in Central Europe with a long and proud history. Officially known as the Republic of Poland, the country has managed to preserve much of its cultural wealth and has 14 sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Poland borders seven countries: Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kaliningrad and Lithuania.

Sapa’s aluminium extrusion organization has three locations in Poland, employing about 1,200 people. The company operates an extrusion plant in Chrzanów, an extrusion and components plant in Trzcianka, and a components plant in Lodz that specializes in car roof rails and trims.

Sapa also has aluminium building systems companies in Lodz and Warsaw.

Meet one of our plant managers:

Jacek Szymczak (pictured) the plant manager of the extrusion plant in Trzcianka. “You can buy the hands of your people,” he says, “but it is impossible to buy their hearts.

Jacek Szymczak“The strength of our plant is the people, their experience and knowledge. My role is to show the direction and engage them in the company life – from small orders to large projects – and to encourage participation in decision-making as if this were their own company. Because only then will they put heart into what they do. It is of the highest value and strengthen our company.” 

Our safety advice:

Sapa employees in Poland frequently travel by car for business purposes. In order to improve their driving skills, the company has engaged a professional trainer to talk about the things they do correctly, and to show where and how they we can improve their driving skills. Around 70 employees have already participated. This may be unusual safety advice, but it is very important for the employees and for Sapa as employer. 

We believe our strengths in Poland are:

Sapa’s team of employees is the strength of the company. The company is proud of their high level of education, their skills, competences and level of engagement – and proud of their ability to adapt to changing environments. They are vitally important to Sapa’s success.  

Projects we are proud of:

Pixel Office ParkSapa’s building systems operation in Poland is involved in the construction of Pixel Office Park. The complex consists of five buildings and is designed by Warsaw JEMS Architects, whose concept is that all buildings should be environmentally friendly. To reduce the energy needed to illuminate rooms, the façade was designed to let in a lot of natural light. The exterior facade of the building is fully glazed and calm, whereas the interior is designed as protruding cubes resembling a stack of boxes. The space between them is filled with wood and greenery.

The buildings are meant to be both environmentally friendly and user-friendly. Car traffic will be banned within the entire complex. Internal streets will be used as bike paths. Employees will also be able to leave their children in a kindergarten in the complex.

Facts about Poland: 

Capital: Warsaw

Highest point: Rysy in the High Tatras 2,499 m

Population: 38.5 million

Language: Polish

GDP: USD 491 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 2.54 (July 2015)

Better driving skills in PolandAround 70 employees in Poland have improved their driving skills as part of the company's safety work.