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Sapa in PortugalSapa employs around 230 people in Portugal. More than half work at the extrusion plant in Avintes. 

Did you know?

With its mild climate, with its 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, and with some 850 kilometers of splendid beaches beside the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is the perfect holiday destination – all year round. It has the oldest borders in Europe, an exceptional range of landscapes, and a cultural heritage that mixes modern times with tradition.

Portugal also is home to several businesses of Sapa. The company coordinates its aluminium building systems activities in the country in Prior Velho, near Lisbon, and operates an extrusion plant in Avintes, in the northern part of Portugal.

Sapa employs around 230 people in Portugal. More than half of the employees work at the Avintes plant, which was established in 1982. Sapa Building Systems develops and markets a vast range of products in the country, from doors and windows to building-integrated photovoltaics in curtain wall solutions.

Ana VázquezMeet one of our plant managers:

Ana Vázquez (pictured) is plant manager of the Avintes plant. She began her career in Sapa in 2003 at one of the company’s extrusion plants in Spain, and served as production manager there prior to taking on the role as plant manager in Avintes in 2015. Vázquez has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.  

We believe our strengths in Portugal are:

Sapa has a strong team that has worked together in the extrusion plant for a long time, in other words, a family with high technical knowledge and skills. All employees at the Avintes site are committed to serving its customers with quality.The plant has one extrusion press, a remelter, a thermal-break line, die fabrication and a fabricating line for profiles. It is a relatively compact plant – small but flexible. 

Our safety advice:

The continuous evolution of a safety culture requires a day-to-day, behaviour-based focus. We cannot think that accidents only happen to others, we have to be aware of the dangers and prevent them. A danger foreseen is a danger avoided.

Projects we are proud of:

Curvar is a 20-year-old company dedicated to aluminium profile curvature, which has implemented and developed an innovative curvature technology. This technology can give an unlimited variety of profiles that can be curved, and makes possible the execution of projects or products with curves that would otherwise not be possible.

Sana Myriad Hotel in LisbonIn partnership with Sapa’s extrusion plant in Avintes, the companies carried out a project that has enabled Sapa to provide customers with a "ready to assemble" service. This covers extruded profiles, curvature of the profiles, surface finishing, cutting and machining. Customers then receive their curved aluminium profiles "ready to assemble."

In the area of aluminium building systems, the luxurious Sana Myriad Hotel (pictured) in Lisbon recently won an award as Europe’s Leading Business Hotel 2015. The hotel was built with Technal-brand Geode curtain wall and Topaze inner doors. Technal is one of Sapa’s global building systems brands.

Another of Sapa’s brands contributed to PJ Headquarters in Lisbon, which is a public office building that hosts police activities and includes sensitive operational areas. For these areas, Sapa Building System delivered window, door and façade solutions that combined design with security and safety requirements.

Facts about Portugal: 

Capital: Lisbon

Highest point: Pico Mountain, Azores 2,351 m

Population: 10.6 million

Language: Portuguese

GDP: USD 230 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.26 (Euro-zone average)