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Sapa's Stanislaw Zajac and Jonas Braam in Finspång, Sweden.Did you know?

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It borders Norway and Finland and is connected to Denmark by a bridge-tunnel across Öresund. The Nobel Prize was established by the Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel in 1895.

Sapa has about 1,350 employees in Sweden. The company operates three extrusion plants (Vetlanda, Sjunnen, Finspång), a remelter in Sjunnen, and aluminium building systems facilities in Vetlanda and Växjö. Sapa’s R&D center, Sapa Technology, also is located in Sweden, in Finspång.

Mari WilhelmsenIn fact, Sapa was founded in Sweden, with its first production plant set up in Vetlanda in 1963.

Meet one of our plant managers:

Mari Wilhelmsen (pictured) serves as the managing director of Sapa Profiles in Sweden. The company has three extrusion presses, vertical as well as horizontal anodizing facilities, a powder coating plant, fabrication and friction stir welding activities, and an aluminium remelter.

Our safety advice: 

Safety is about discipline and caring for people. It is like religion – a passion that comes from the heart.

We believe our strengths in Sweden are:

Sustainable or “green” business, where we cast aluminium billets, extrude, finish and pack extruded products, and remelt scrap. Further, we have highly skilled employees who stand behind everything we do.

Sapa's first plant was established in Vetlanda, Sweden.Sapa is a technology leader, with extrusion capabilities varying from tiny to big, wide and thin profiles, that delivers to customers in all market segments.

A project we are proud of:

Sapa is a part of a project that will bring more renewables and facilitate power exchange between the Norwegian and German power grids, through ABB and NordLink. The link will be 623 kilometers long, making it the longest high-voltage direct current (HVDC) connection in Europe. It is scheduled to go into commercial operation in 2020. Sapa is providing liquid coolers to the project, supplying ABB.

Sapa must deliver top-quality products to meet ABB’s demands. One aspect in this project is that the production of the liquid coolers takes place in a single production flow. This ensures good control.

Facts about Sweden: 

Capital: Stockholm

Highest point: Kebnekaise, 2,097.5 m

Population: 9.7 million

Language: Swedish

GDP: USD 570.6 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 5.13

Sapa is part of the NordLink project, supplying ABB