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United States (Northeast)

Sapa in the United StatesEmployees at the Cressona plant in Pennsylvania work for the largest extrusion plant in Sapa's global network. 

Did you know?

The northeastern region of the United States consists of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The region’s largest city is New York City, also called the Big Apple.

Sapa has two extrusion plants in Pennsylvania, one in Cressona and the other in Mountain Top.

Cressona is the largest common alloy extrusion facility in Sapa’s worldwide network. The plant has over 100 acres of land with 13 buildings on site, totaling about 1.5 million square feet under roof. The facility was designed and constructed during World War II by the U.S. government and leased to Alcoa for the manufacturing of aluminum alloy and extruded shapes. The plant was later utilized by the Department of Defense for the reclamation of ordnance material.

Mike Earnest

The unique sawtooth roof and building framework were constructed to minimize potential damage from enemy bombers. 

Meet one of our plant managers:

Mike Earnest (pictured, right) serves as plant manager of Sapa’s Mountain Top extrusion plant.

Our safety advice:

“Safety by choice …not by chance,” says Cressona’s Ron Murhon, a health and safety day theme winner.

We believe our strengths in the Northeast are:

Cressona employees are very active in the community and support and sponsor over 50 different local organizations. Employees donate enough canned and non-perishable food to feed over 50 local families every holiday season.

The plant was named Plant of the Year in 2013. This was due to the hard work of Sapa’s shopfloor employees as well as to the outstanding efforts of local management and the sales, marketing and customer service teams.

Sapa's operations in CressonaThe Mountain Top plant expects to ship over 30 million pounds of aluminium solutions this year. Nearly half will be anodized and another 8.5 million pounds will have had some type of fabrication.

Nearly 74 percentof Mountain Top’s business includes value-added processes.

Facts about the United States: 

Capital: Washington, D.C.

Highest point: Mount McKinley 6,168 meters

Population: 321.2 million

Language: English

GDP: USD 17.4 trillion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 4.79

Sapa's extrusion plant in Cressona

Sapa's Cressona plant has an indirect aluminium extrusion press.