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Sapa in VietnamDid you know?

Sapa has around 250 employees in Vietnam, working in the extrusion plant in Ho Chi Minh City. Sapa entered Vietnam with a joint venture with the Ben Thanh Group in 2010 to create Sapa BTG, and this year, production capacity at the plant  is being doubled. This is largely thanks to the great dedication of the local teams in Vietnam enabling Sapa to deliver the high-quality products the market is demanding.

Demand for aluminium products in Vietnam has been growing at a yearly rate of 15-20 percent, and Sapa is tapping into this by offering unique products and solutions to both domestic and international customers.

CS Wind

A project we are proud of: 

Mauro Spizzo is managing director of the plant. He states that “our survival depends on the service we give to our customers.” 

He illustrates this with a key project where service and innovation really tipped the scale in order to deliver the best product and win the customer's trust. 

CS Wind is a tower solutions provider in the wind energy industry, where aluminium is the material of choice. CS Wind has three production sites around the world and its Vietnamese facility is the only one that delivers tower sections fully integrated with an aluminium platform inside. All their products are exported, mainly to the United States and Europe.

Na Yeo-Song, who manages the Aluminium & Steel Fabrication Plant, says, “we had a solution using an aluminium plate, and we experienced cracks in the plate, and Sapa BTG came up with an idea to replace this part with a bracket. It has saved us money in cutting and bending, and it can be cut to length, which saves material costs. The new product was designed to meet our needs. It was a great improvement.”

Our safety advice: 

The best reason to follow safety rules is waiting for you at home. A person who is hurt during work will not only cause problems to his own health but also to his family, so the employees must firstly care about their safety.

Mauro Spizzo

“I consider the people I work with as my family, so I will remind them to take care of themselves and their colleagues when they get here every day. Please help in doing the same,” says Spizzo (pictured at right).

Local engagement:

In November 2014 at Phu My Hung New Urban Area in Hoi Chi Minh City, Sapa BTG’s employees participated in the 18th annual Terry Fox Run – better known as the Marathon of Hope  along with around 20,000 people, to raise a charity fund for cancer research.

This was the first year that Sapa BTG attended the event. It participated with 30 representatives, where a donation is given for each participant.

Facts about Vietnam: 

Capital: Hanoi

Highest point: Fan Si Pan 3,144 meters

Population: 93.4 million

Language: Vietnamese

GDP: USD 187 billion

Cost of a Big Mac: USD 2.81

Sapa employees running in charity race