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Innovative aluminium solutions

Shaping a sustainable future through innovative aluminium solutions

Leading in innovative aluminium solutions

Sapa's approach is to deliver aluminium solutions that satisfy and surpass customer expectations, and which are in line with demands of CSR and increasing environmental regulations.

We can design, develop and manufacture extruded aluminium solutions for practically any application. Building systems for architects, contractors and designers. Tubing solutions for automotive and industrial heat exchangers. Customized extrusions in all shapes and sizes. 

  • We develop energy-efficient solutions that can help reduce CO2 emissions and lessen environmental impact
  • We drive product development through material substitution and through solutions that combine aluminium with other materials
  • We design engineered aluminium constructions that can reduce energy consumption by allowing more natural light to enter buildings than constructions made with other materials

Our way of working means delivering an advantage in every key aspect of our business - in sourcing, in operations, and commercially.

  • Our sourcing advantage is about strengthening our sourcing processes to achieve the cost benefits associated with our size
  • Our operational advantage is about continuously reducing cost to ensure that we manufacture our customer's products in a way that meets their needs by improving our productivity, pro­cess control, quality, and on-time delivery
  • Our commercial advantage is about delivering solutions with the value that customers are willing to pay for, bringing sustainable value back to Sapa