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Sapa Technology is creating value

Sapa Aluminium Research & Development

Sapa wants to bring its R&D everywhere. In addition to Sapa Technology hubs in Sweden and the United States, we carry out work in research, applications and development in China, Denmark, France, Germany and Norway. We also work with independent instututions across the world. This provides all customers with better use of our competence and resources.

Sapa Technology concentrates on long-term development of the enabling technologies for value ­creation, as well as shorter-term and more practical aspects such as productivity and cost.

Putting knowledge to use

Sapa offers support in the development processes of customers. Ideally, our technical resources are involved as early as possible in order to maximize the value for customers. 

Sapa aluminium technology is creating valueSapa Technology in Finspång, Sweden, and in Troy, Michigan, make up the group’s joint R&D center. Its aim is to stimulate and take an active part in business development and technical development of products and processes.

The R&D center has specialists in materials technology, technical physics and chemistry. It conducts research, down to the level of the atom, resulting in new alloys and products that are competitive in all markets.

We spread knowledge and awareness regarding the properties of aluminium and its uses. This includes seminars for customers and partners.

Global aluminium development task force

Global application development is the most recent component in Sapa's development organization. The team comprises experienced development engineers and its target is to provide innovative product solutions to customers, using aluminium. We do this by providing technical support to global key account managers, working closely with market organizations in developing new or improved product solutions, and by providing expertise and technical support to regional and local teams.

Through the use of modern collaboration tools, global application development is also the global driver of knowledge sharing in its field. We call it 3C - Connect, Communicate, Collaborate. By connecting all our development engineers, we can bring to customers Sapa's unrivalled collective experience and knowledge.

The ultimate goal is faster, better and more effective application development support to our customers.