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Sapa Technology

Sapa Technology is Sapa’s internal research and development resource. It stimulates and takes an active part in business development and technical development of products and processes throughout the group.

Sapa Technology’s work is aimed at finding design solutions that take advantage of the properties of aluminium from a technical as well as an economic point of view. We work in close cooperation with Sapa's sales teams around the world to ensure that our extensive knowledge can help customers use aluminium in the right way and to develop processes and products.

Sapa TechnologySapa Technology has some 90 highly educated employees worldwide including metallurgists, chemists, metallographers, physicists, designers, mechanical engineers and technicians - all specialists in aluminium. We offer a high degree of know-how concerning the properties of aluminium and how these can be influenced by controlling the composition of alloys and the specifics of the production process.

Our specialists constantly strive to meet customer requirements for increasingly thin products and to meet the ever more rigorous demands imposed on corrosion resistance and durability. At the same time, characteristics like formability must be maintained and the material is required to cope with increasing working temperatures.

Our strength derives from the combined technical skills and knowledge of these individual specialists and their ability to cooperate across all borders, organizationally as well as discipline-wise. Our activities cover a wide field and our area of competence is immense.

Focus areas are:

  • Improvement of existing products and processes
  • Technical service and troubleshooting
  • Enabling technologies / innovation / intellectual property


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