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Metallurgy and alloys

The final properties of Sapa's products are highly dependent on composition and ingot quality in combination with production processes.

Metallurgical tests and analysesA high and reproducible ingot quality is crucial to ensure the productivity as well as the quality in the subsequent processes. A number of key parameters have to be measured to be sure that the process is under control.

Sapa Technology provides expertise in metallurgy for matters associated with alloy development and for measurements connected to the molten aluminium.

  • Small-scale ingots are produced in our laboratory to be used for alloy development or research purposes
  • Strain energy can be introduced by using a lab-scale rolling mill
  • We make hydrogen measurements in molten metal at the production sites
  • We make temperature measurements in e.g. homogenization furnaces
  • We study the dissolution of master alloys and compare the efficiency of different grain refiners
  • In situ temperature measurements can be used to map e.g. the solidification processes