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Many R&D projects at Sapa Technology are focused on achieving a deep understanding of how microstructures develop during the processing and fabrication of aluminium products, and in what ways different microstructure components influence the final properties.

Modern materials are characterized by complex, multi-phase and sometimes multi-layer microstructures. A full description of these microstructures requires a wide range of advanced metallographical methods, usually combined with chemical characterization, crystallography, and orientation mapping characterization at the nano-scale.

Sapa Technology uses electron pptical methods to quantify and characterize microstructure with scanning electron microscope. Metallographic investigations are used to analyze and characterize microstructure with light optical microscopes and a number of different image analysis techniques.


Working with metallography in Sapa

We carry out metallographic investigations of microstructures and surfaces.
Our laboratory is equipped with:

  • Light optical microscopes
  • Equipment for image analyses
  • Macro camera

Microstructure parameters like grain size and particle size distribution are quantified by our metallographers.

Electron optical methods

Electron optical methods

Sapa Technology provides the entire Sapa group with state-of-the-art quantitative characterization of all constituents in complex microstructures and uses this information in the analysis and control of the material properties.

We perform sophisticated metallographical investigations, using advanced equipment: FTEM, EELS-FIB_Dual-Beam FEGSEM, EBSD, EDS, available both at Sapa Technology and in cooperation with national and international electron beam laboratories. The knowledge is then exploited in the design of new commercial products.