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Extrusion & extrusion dies

Aluminium extrusion combines aluminium's characteristics with the efficient extrusion process.

Sapa expertise with extrusion diesWe improve existing alloys and develop new alloys, trying to find combinations of properties which are attractive to both users and producers.

We help develop the design aids for effective design of extrusion dies, and we research die heat treatment and die surface treatment for improved die performance. Not least, we prioritize the continuous improvement of the production processes.

All aluminium alloys can be extruded, however, some are more suitable than others. We work with extrudability to improve production and the final products. Key aspects are:

  • Material flow
  • Development of effective die design
  • Improvement of existing alloys
  • Research of die heat treatment and die surface treatment for improved performance
  • Analysis of attractive combinations of properties
  • Billet heating
  • Profile cooling
  • Ageing

Extrusion dies

We research and develop die design and the surface treatment of dies, using tools such as:

  • Material flow simulation in the dies
  • Integration with CAD systems to calculate flow resistance in ports, mandrel deflection and stresses in webs
  • Heat treatment of tool steels
  • Surface treatment of dies using many different surface treatment methods lke nitriding, nitrocarburization, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition), PVD (Plasma Vapor Deposition)