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About Sapa

About Sapa

Sapa develops, manufactures and markets value added profiles, profile-based building systems and heat-exchanger strip in the lightweight material aluminium and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Sapa’s business concept is based on close co-operation with its customers, who are primarily located in Europe, North America and Asia. The largest customer segments are the construction, transport, domestic and office, and engineering sectors.

Sapa is organised into five Business Areas: Profiles North & Central Europe, Profiles South & West Europe, Profiles North America, Building System and Heat Transfer.


Sapa is one of the world’s leading producers of extruded aluminium profiles and maintains extensive operations in the value-added fabrication of profiles.

Building System

Sapa is one of the three largest suppliers of building systems based on aluminium profiles in Europe.

Heat Transfer

Sapa is one of the world’s leading companies in the production of aluminium heat-exchanger strip for the automotive industry.

Sapa has a turnover of around 19 billion SEK with 9,000 employees.

All product development is customer driven, thus helping our customers to develop their own products and to maintain a competitive edge. The business is supported by the group's shared Research and Development function, Sapa Technology.