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Our focus on the environment, health and safety:

Sapa's policy is very clear. Our operations shall be conducted in a safe manner with respect for the environment and assuming responsibility for people's health.

We view sustainable development as a basic condition for future growth, which guides all efforts affecting environmental impact. This applies to the surrounding environment as well as working environment inside our plants. For Sapa, the environment, health, safety and profitability are part of the same whole and are accorded the same high level of priority.

Sapa’s Environment, Health and Safety Policy has been adopted by Senior Management. In 2004, it was assigned additional priority through the establishment of a new Group function for the development of this work. The assignment entails coordinating, advancing, supporting and inspiring efforts, imposing demands, gathering information and disseminating this among the companies.

With the support of this central function, the local companies are provided back-up in their efforts to advance Sapa’s environmental, health and safety efforts.