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• 550 ton (2.5"-4.5")*
• 1400 ton (5")
• 1800 ton (7")
• 2000 ton (7")
• 2000 ton (8")
• 2500 ton (9")
• 3000 ton (10")

*Hard Alloy and Tight Tolerances


Precision Cut, Metal Saw, Single Miter
Cutting, Punching, CNC Machining, Deburring, Drilling,
Bending, MIG, TIG and Robotic Welding, Friction Stir
Welding, Fill & Debridge, Insulated Strut, Sub-assembly,
Die Manufacturing


Liquid Horizontal to 28' and Vertical to 25', Intermix
Capabilities (full service applicator), AMAA Certified
Anodize: Sulfuric Acid (Class I, II, III Clear) up to 31',
Electrolytically Deposited Color (champagne to black)
up to 29', Hard Coat Clear, Sapa Select Acid Etch and
Traditional Caustic Etch, Job Shop Anodizing and
In-house Extrusion Anodizing


AutoCAD, Inventor, Solidworks, Cocreate for
Profile Design, Prototypes, Die Manufacturing, Technical
Design Center;


ISO 9001/2008