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Solar and Renewable Energy

Solar and Renewable Energy

Sapa Extrusions is a world leader in aluminum profiles and a key supplier to the solar industry. Sapa’s Renewable Energy Organization provides solutions to all solar market segments:

With the fast-paced changes of the renewable industry, choosing the right development partner is critical. As the world's largest aluminum extrusion company, Sapa offers the knowledge, capacity and quality to provide the best solutions for its customers. Plants throughout North America, Europe and Asia enable Sapa to meet local content requirements with efficient solutions in:

  •     Large circle size and multi-void hollow extrusions, complex profiles
  •     A wide range of alloys and surface finishes
  •     Single-source fabrication
  •     Component assembly, kitting and logistics
  •     Product development

Sapa’s manufacturing processes take advantage of aluminum’s unique properties: recyclability, light weight, high strength, natural corrosion resistance and ease of fabrication… making it the material of choice over galvanized steel and other rolled metals.

The sun never sets on Sapa's markets

Sapa has earned a strong position throughout the renewable energy industries. Our knowledge of aluminum design is based on hundreds of thousands of customer solutions and nearly 50 years of business in Europe, North America, and Asia. Our North American Technical Center shares this expertise with customers to develop complete and cost-effective answers… from simple solutions to the most challenging and unique applications.

Sapa is a global company, active in North America, Europe and Asia. Working with the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum profiles offers obvious benefits for companies with plans for expansion. We can follow your company into new markets at every stage – wherever you are in the world.