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Aluminum Railing Systems

Aluminum Railing Systems

Commercial Railing Systems are for commercial projects, such as high-rise balconies, decks, stairs, windbreaks, terraces, swimming pools surrounds, screening, and as guardrail.

This type of railing system is based on standardized components, but can be customized to suit site specific engineering and architectural requirements.
Please contact Sapa directly with any questions or requests.

  • Customized shapes and styles
  • Panels are easy & economical to install
  • Systems conform to requirements of:
  • Uniform Commercial Building Code, AASHTO, Federal Disabilities Act

Residential Railing Systems consist of high quality extruded framing members, engineered to be simple and versatile, our railings are easy to field fabricate and install in practically any deck application. Because our systems are partially field fabricated, accurate field measurements are not required and there are no delays for factory fabrication. Standard components are available from stock, so work can begin soon after ordering materials. Our Residential Railing System is most commonly used for single-family homes, but is also ideal for small office buildings, apartments, and hotels.

  • Standardized Alumarail components available from stock
  • Systems are easily assembled on the job site
  • Baked-on enamel finishes available in standard & custom colors. Commercial Class One clean and bronze anodizing is also available.
  • Infill options: 5/8" square picket, 1/4" thick tempered glass panels, and modern stainless steel cable.

Sapa Residential Railing System is available from these distributors.