Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Sapa proactively addresses health and safety issues and strives for zero accidents because employees are our most vital resource.

Sapa’s business success relies on the competence and commitment of our employees. We want to offer a supportive environment, career development opportunities and good ­working conditions to attract the most talented people.

Occupational health and safety

We have an integrated approach to EHS, based on communication, training, auditing and rewards. All locations are responsible for implementing EHS policy and for putting governing frameworks into practice to create a safe working environment for our employees.

All employees and managers adhere to laws and regulations issued by the company and local governments. Everyone has a responsibility to take health and safety issues into consideration during their daily work.

Sapa has a ­zero-vision with regard to injuries, and a long-term target to avoid and eliminate all types of injury, incident and occupational illness. These are some of the activities we carry out to help eliminate risk before accidents can occur:

Safety rounds
Risk analysis
Rapid case management for reported incidents
Taking health and safety into consideration at the early stages of changes
Involvement of contractors in our safety work.