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Design Competition

Sapa is pleased to support the ET Foundation and the Aluminum Extruders Council's annual Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition.

The foundation is currently judging entries for the 2013 Design Competition. If you are a student studying design, architecture, or engineering and wish to know more about the competition visit the ET Foundation website for more information.Call For Entries

Aluminum extrusion is an incredibly versatile process that engineers and designers employ to create a wide variety of products and components ranging from architecture and aerospace to solar power and medical equipment. Combining aluminum with the extrusion process can yield optimal results in terms of form, fit, function, appearance, and cost. The annual Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition gives design professionals and students from leading major universities and colleges the opportunity to showcase their creative extruded aluminum designs.

In addition to first, second, and third place prizes, the Sapa Sustainable Design Award will be presented to the student entry that, in addition to meeting the four basic ET Foundation Design Competition criteria, best addresses societal and/or environmental concerns. The entry must be a viable extrusion based product that meets the demands of the environment while contributing to the quality of life for its intended users.


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