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Greener electric vehicle chargers with aluminium


The Swedish producer of charging station solutions for electrical vehicles, Chargestorm, has chosen to use aluminium profiles as part of the housing for their new wall-hanged charger. The product has been developed together with Sapa.

“As a company focusing on clean energy, it seems only natural that we should use a material that embodies our values. Aluminium is like electricity, clean, renewable and sustainable,” explains CEO Patrik Lindergren from Chargestorm. “We are extremely happy to be collaborating with Sapa on developing our chargers to be greener than ever.”

With the electric vehicle market in Europe expected to grow by an incredible 422 percent by 2021 according to PwC, the demand for private as well as public charging stations will also grow. Chargestorm caters to both areas. As with all modern production, finding sustainable ways of producing mass market products is a challenge. Aluminium is a strong, lightweight and infinitely recyclable material that enables manufacturers to produce sustainable products.

Half of the material recycled
Chargestorm had previously considered both plastic and stainless steel for the profiles, before eventually deciding on the flexible and fully recyclable aluminium profiles from Sapa.

Photo courtesy of Chargestorm AB“The combination of an attractive metal finish in anodized aluminium and a high degree of customization was the main reason why Chargestorm chose Sapa and its aluminium profile,” explains Lindergren.

“Fifty percent of all the aluminium we use in our production comes from recycled materials from our own remelters, and this makes aluminium a great material of choice for a green manufacturer like Chargestorm,” says sales director Stefan Bergstrom of Sapa Profiles AB in Sweden.

About Chargestorm
Chargestorm was founded in Sweden in 2009, and has since been on a mission to create the best charging stations solutions for electrical vehicles on the market. The chargers range from personalized home solutions to charging stations meant for retail and public use. The company has partnered itself with Cleantech and Power Circle, two Swedish organisations dedicated to utilizing clean electric energy over non-renewable sources such as fossilized fuel.

About Sapa
Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solution with 22,800 employees in more than 40 countries. It is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. The company delivers aluminium solutions to every industry from the automotive, thorugh buidling and construction, mass transportation, electronics, offshore and maritime. Sapa AS is a 50/50 joint venture owned equally by Orkla ASA and Hydro ASA.


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