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A sparkling optimist

Floor Verhorst-Willems, Fabrication manager at Sapa


A sparkling optimist

You could say that Floor ­Verhorst-Willems, who was raised near Sapa’s large plant in Drunen, the Netherlands, grew up with aluminium.

“Lots of parents of school friends worked at Sapa, so even in my younger days there was a connection,” says Verhorst-Willems, who started working in the plant’s marketing department in 2010 after eight competitive rounds of interviews to get the job.

“I am driven to learn, ambitious and always try to be at my best,” Verhorst-Willems says. She refers to herself as “a doer,” tirelessly working to get the job done. Her energy and achievements in the marketing department soon led to a promotion as account manager for Sapa Profiles Benelux.

“When an organization recognizes your efforts and gives back in terms of training and new positions, you feel proud, humble and supported,” she says. But most of all, she says, it’s important that she can be herself at work. That spirit comes in handy when working in sales, where she believes that openness and transparency in communications are vital for building customer relationships. Being “chameleon-like” is another helpful attribute in a job that might require proposing solutions to a construction company, a furniture producer and a blinds manufacturer all in the same day.

Going the extra mile

Verhorst-Willems welcomes complex challenges such as the contract with a global customer to produce extruded profiles for industrial computer housings. This involved extensive fabrication, very tight tolerances and various surface treatments. “A lot of effort went into this little box, but the more complex the challenge, the better it is for Sapa and the customer,” she says. “If we can’t provide the knowledge locally, we know that we can turn to Sapa in Europe or elsewhere for support.”

Verhorst-Willems enjoys going the extra mile for customers and sees in every challenge an opportunity to learn more about aluminium solutions and the market. “Bring it on!” she says in typical can-do fashion.

Text Cari Simmons
Photo Antim Wijnaendts