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Aluminum Heat Sinks


Sapa Extrusions is the leader in superior design and manufacture of aluminum heat sinks for the lighting, power, telecommunications, automotive, medical, military and electronics industry.

Extruded Heat Sinks:

With over 30 years of experience extruding heat sinks ranging from ½" to 21" wide, Sapa offers the most complex and wide ranging heat sink selection on the market. From our facilities on both coasts, we provide fin ratios up to 19:1.

In addition, we offer complete fabrication and finishing capabilities at six of our North American based manufacturing facilities to provide customers with a complete product. From design to extruding to fabricating, Sapa is your complete source for all thermal products.

Thermal Engineering:

Our NATC (North American Technical Center) thermal engineering team provides research, design and development of both thermal and aluminum extrusion needs. NATC offers the latest software, testing and prototyping capabilities to assist in designing the most thermal and cost effective product.

Advanced Cooling Technology:

Sapa has developed a liquid cooling solution based on aluminum extrusions combined with our Friction Stir Welding (FSW) technology that provides high performance cost effective solutions. Furthermore, our FSW air cooled heat sinks provide a specialized product that is thermally more efficient and higher quality than bonded or pressed fin products, while providing fin ratios to 48:1 and beyond.

Enclosures, Front panels and Other Extruded Products:

As the largest aluminum extruder in North America with 23 locations and dozens of extrusion presses, Sapa offers not only extrusion but also the fabrication required to offer our customers a complete turn-key product. Additionally, since we cast our own material, we can offer more than 10 different standard alloys or design a specific alloy for your requirement. We support customers across a wide variety of businesses, including automotive, solar and industrial industries.

Global Footprint:

As a global company, Sapa provides technical and production services to customers throughout the world from facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia. This global footprint means an extraordinary ability to support the product needs of the largest worldwide businesses. Sapa teams can design a product in Europe, manufacture it in North America and ship it to South America (or any combination of continents you need) to serve our customers on a world-wide market. Our logistics, both in North America and around the globe, are second to none.

Application areas:

Computer, electrical, automotive, telecommunications, medical, LED, military and power electronics industries.

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