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Aluminum Pipe and Tube


As North America’s premier supplier of aluminum pipe and tube,
Sapa Extrusions offers a product for virtually any type of application ranging
from high pressure and mechanical to architectural and
framing. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce some
of the largest Outside Diameter (OD) sizes and highest precision
tolerances in the industry. Additionally, we can produce our products
in a variety of surface finishes, from mill to paint or anodize.

Product details/specifics:

Our structural and seamless product line includes:
• Seamless pipe and tube up to 15.375” OD
• Seamless mechanical tube up to 12” OD
• Square and rectangular tube up to 11.5” circle size
• Structural pipe and tube to 8.625” OD
• Thin wall superior quality and construction tube
• Structural and seamless custom hollow shapes
• Mine and irrigation pipe with Victaulic groove option
• Electrical bus conductor pipe and tube

Application areas:

Industrial & Consumer

Sapa supplies many industrial and consumer markets with a wide range of standard and custom pipe and tube products for:
• Electrical bus conductors
• Electrical and electronic connectors
• Compressed gas storage
• Mining and irrigation pipe

Residential and Commercial Building & Construction

Our project management and sales support includes complete fabricating
services, advanced painting and anodizing capabilities, order coordination,
and more.
• Light and flag poles
• Electrical conduit
• Scaffolding

Commercial & Mass Transportation, Automotive, Marine

Sapa’s extensive experience allows us to offer a full range of extrusion
profiles, fabrication and assembly services for:
• Truck trailers and equipment
• Handrails, ladders and framing structures
• Alternative fuel storage systems

Solar & Renewable Energy

Sapa’s manufacturing capabilities have earned them a strong position in the
renewable energy market. Aluminum’s lightweight and corrosion resistant
properties along with it’s hi thermal and electric conductivity makes it an
ideal material for use in renewable energy applications.
• Motor housings and components
• Electrical conduit
• Solar framing and component

Military & Defense

Our ability to produce a wide variety of alloys and tempers, combined with
our strict adherence to tolerances, has made us a key supplier to both
government and military agencies.
• Antennas and radar structures
• Telescoping masts
• Architectural railings and framing structures
• Security barriers
• Fire hose and hydraulic fittings and couplings
• Motorcycle and bicycle frames
• Air reservoir cylinders
• Hydro-formed components (frame rails, air in-take manifolds)
• Heat exchangers and thermal management equipment
• Safety railings and platforms
• Firearm components
• Framing for field shelters

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