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Miniature Aluminum Extrusions


Sapa Extrusions Technical Dynamics Aluminum, or Sapa TDA, produces specialty miniature extrusion for a wide range of industries. Our engineers are routinely challenged to develop some of the most advanced and demanding production concepts in the world of extrusion technology. More than an extrusion and fabrication house, Sapa TDA truly partners with our customers to understand the application and answer these questions:

  • What is the essence of the component’s function?
  • What is its environment of use?
  • What is the best and most cost-effective alloy?
  • How can we apply new materials and fabrication technology to add strength, reduce weight and enhance performance?
  • How can Sapa’s resources bring more value to the customer?

Sapa TDA provides a one-stop source for such specialty extrusions, from concept to prototype to production, regardless of alloy, metal treatment or complexity of design. Total vertical integration – from in-house melting, casting and metal treatment to fully fabricated and assembled products – means we can deliver what you need, when and wherever you need it, including extrusions made from 2000 and 7000 hard aluminum alloys required for mission critical applications. And our North American footprint can provide cost-cutting logistical efficiencies.

Another advantage of working with Sapa TDA? No minimum lot or freight charges, which means you can make one specialty extrusion as cost-effectively as you can make a thousand.

Product details/specifics:

Tolerances: As close as +/- .001” based on shape
Weight: As low as .007 lb. per foot
Wall thickness: As thin as .015 inch
Extrusion Press: 550 ton 4 1/2” Circle Size, 1400 ton 5" circle size

Capabilities and Aluminum Alloys Available:

2.5”/3”/3.5”/4.5” Circle Sizes: 6000, 2000, 7000
6”/7” (x 2)/8”/9”/10” Circle Sizes: 6000

Available Alloys:

6000 Series Soft
2000 & 7000 Series Hard

Heat Treating:

Thermal – 24 ft. Oven Capacity
Solution – 16 ft. Length Capacity
Annealing – 12 ft. Length Capacity

Quality Assurance & Inspection:

Our quality assurance adherence and exceeds:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • AS9100
  • ANSI H35.1
  • Aluminum Standards and Data 2006
  • MIL-I-45208A
  • AAMA 611-98
  • ASTM - B308 and B429
  • MIL - A - 8625E
  • AMS-QQ-A-200 / 3,8,9,15
  • ASTM - B221-06
  • ASTM - B557-06

Statistical Process Control:

SPC Program measures control of specific extrusion and part processes

Application areas:

Electronics, transportation, medicine, telecommunications, defense systems and others

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