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On this page you will find a variety of Resource documents related to Aluminum and Sapa products. Please select a category below to view the available content:


Shaping the Future in Extruded Products
Sapa Extrusions is part of the world’s largest aluminum profile company.  We are a prominent supplier of extruded aluminum products to the Distribution, Commercial Transportation, Automotive and Industrial & Consumer markets.

We offer high value-added products driven by a comprehensive understanding of our customer’s business.  Sapa strives to establish close and long-term customer relationships, often in the form of partnerships.

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Alloy Data Sheets

Sapa Extrusions In-House Casting provides tight control of alloy chemistry within Aluminum Association standards which delivers:

– Repeatable properties
– Superior machinability
– More alloys to meet the specific needs of different industries
– Metallurgical knowledge provides support for customers  
   when they have quality issues

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Standard Extruded Sections Catalogs

The Sapa Standard Extruded Sections Catalogs list more than 3,350 standard sections from our extensive library of unrestricted dies.

Safety Data Sheets

Sapa Commercial Safety Data Sheets

The SDS presented here are those that are generally applicable to the products that we sell.

A Supplier Notification/SDS Cover Page is provided to each customer with or before the first shipment provided each year.  The Notification, along with the appropriate SDS is mailed to the "Ship to" location.

REACH - RoHS - Conflict Minerals

Technical Support

The Sapa North America Technical Center (NATC) is a research, design, and development center within Sapa.

The NATC is comprised of a diverse group of individuals with engineering, marketing, metallurgical, machining and product design backgrounds. When working together we have the ability to provide innovative solutions and products for Sapa's customers.

Please visit the NATC at www.sapatechcenter.com to learn how the Sapa North American Technical Center can assist with your project.

Sapa Terms & Conditions

Sapa Design Manual

The Sapa Design Manual is our guide for those who want to learn more about aluminum and the design possibilities of aluminum extrusions.  Register today for access to inspiration and information about all the possibilities of designing with aluminum.

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