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History - Sapa Heat Transfer

History - Sapa Heat Transfer

1580  Start cannon manufacturing
1641  Louise De Geer purchased Finspong
1856  Ekman acquired Finspongs bruk
1912  The last cannon was test-fired in Finspong
1913  Finspongs Metallverks AB was founded
1942  Finspongs Metallverks AB was merged into AB Svenska Metallverken
1969  AB Svenska Metallverken was merged into Gränges
1972 The first heat exchanger-material produced
1976  Gränges Aluminium buys the total number of shares in SAPA
1980  Gränges AB was taken over by AB Electrolux
2000  Gränges changed name to Sapa
2005 Sapa is acquired by Orkla and delisted from the Stockholm Stock Exchange

To read more about the town of Finspång please visit www.finspang.se.