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Production - manufacturing

As we recieve recycled and reused aluminium in the remeltery our process begins....and ends.

In our remeltery we produce a number of alloys based on reused and recycled aluminium. The base is often offset-plates, cable wires and more.

We also use aluminium "left overs" from our own process. As we start our process we use mostly aoutocasting in our remeltery ovens and in one of the newest ovens even an auto loader.

When the remelting and casting is done.We have ingots, with a weight of approx. 10 tonnes to use in our rolling. And first is the hot rolling.

In the hot rolling process we roll the ingots to about 3 mm thickness. Then each order is cold rolled to, by the customer, required thickness.

In our finishing department we cut strips to, by the customer, required width and number of coils. The cutting edges are of outmost importance when producing heat exchangers. Our packaging department is working with a number of different packaging methods so that the material reaches its target, our customers, in a good, safe and environmentally friendly way.