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The possibilities of aluminium extrusions

Our mission is to turn yours designs into reality and produce quality extrusions time and time again.

Whether you are looking for a standard profile, or all experience of our dedicated team to create a totally new extrusion, Sapa Profilés France will help you find the optimal solution.

Our expertise in designing profiles can be seen through the wide range of industry sectors that we extrude for.

The possibilities of aluminium extrusions

By fabricating with aluminium extrusions you can create a unique design solution which fulfils all of your expectations, wishes and demands.

  • The tooling costs are reasonable
  • There are few technical limits
  • The possibilities are almost endless

You can integrate a range of functions into the extrusion, in order to make it easier to fabricate and simplify the set up.

Your solution can add properties such as low weight combined with strength, corrosion resistance and surface finish, to the final product.

Whenever you want further help or guidance, Sapa will be there for you. We have many years of experience with Aluminium Extrusions.

Use it !