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Anodisation for aesthetics and protection

Conceived to provide an optimal protection to aluminium, the anodisation confers a very aesthetic aspect and an appearance of new lasts.

Anodisation, an electrochemical process, transforms the surface layer into oxide coating from 15 to 25 microns thick. This process is obtained by successive baths in sulphuric solutions.
Anodisation improves the corrosion resistance, creates a surface which does not retain dirt and resists abrasion. The anodisation layer can also be coloured in gold, champagne or bronze shades.

Technical capabilities of our installation


  • Natural and colour anodisation
  • 65.000 Amperes
  • Profile length: up to 7.000 mm
    Profile height:  up to 1700 mm
    Profile width:   up to 700 mm (natural)
                            up to 300 mm (colours)
  • 6 anodising tanks (whereof 1 gold, 2 electrocolouring)
  • Layer thickness - 5 to 25 microns
  • Hot sealing

Quality label Qualanod N°3535.