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Extrusion - our speciality

The four presses of Sapa France, allow the extrusion of a large variety of aluminium profiles according to customer request and specifications.

Hollow dies

The billet, preheated to a temperature of 450-550°C, is introduced into a container sealed in one of its end by a die, which will give the metal its final form. At the other end, a hydraulic actuating cylinder pushes the billet, obliging the hot metal to pass through the die.

Cooling and stretching

The extruded sections are then cooled and stretched. It is therafter, in a ageing furnace, that the sections acquire their particular mechanical properties and conformity with the customer specifications.

As well as offering a large number of standard profiles we can help our customers design the perfect extrusion for their particular application. 

Standard alloys include:
6060, 6106, 6005A and 6351 (others available on request) with additional 6101 and 6082 of Albi.

Sapa Profiles Puget press characteristics:

  • Press capacity: 2 x 2200 t
  • Billet size: 8"
  • Max profile width: 220 mm
  • Circumscribe circle: 190 mm
  • Section length: max 14 m
  • Tolerances: in accordance with NF 50710

Sapa Profiles Albi press characteristics :

  • Press 1 : 2000 t power
  • Press 2 : 4400 t power
  • Billet sizes : 7" and 10"
  • Max profile width : 320 mm (340 mm to be approved by die shop)
  • Circumscribe circle : 186 mm and 261 mm
  • Section length : max 15 m
  • Tolerances: in accordance with EN755-9