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Easy maintenance, protection, originality and personalisation, the powder painting combines technology and aesthetics.

In order to improve the customer service and delivery times, a vertical painting line handling more than 430 colours has been installed in 2009.

After a complete de-greasing of the profiles in successive washes and phosphor-chromating, the aluminium profiles are sprayed with polyester powder (60 microns), and transported to the oven (heated to a temperature of 200°C) to obtain the polymerization.

Sapa Profilés Puget and Sapa Lacal (Albi) have the know-how and the equipment which enables us to propose a broad range of colours and a recognized quality.

Sapa Puget paint line characteristics:

  • 1 horizontal coating unit capacity 300 000m2           
  • 1 vertical powder coating unit,capacity 5000 000 m2
  • Horizontal coating of profiles up to 7,5 m.
  • Vertical coating of profiles to 11 m
  • Lacquering of plane sheets and folded, parts and accessoires with maximum dimensions of: 7500x1600x300 mm.
  • 430 standard colours and possibility to make all available RAL
    and NCS colours, metallic, structural, fluorescent and special effects in polyesters, epoxy and epoxy-polyesters.

Sapa Lacal (Albi) paint line characteristics :

  • 1 automated horizontal powder coating line, capacity 1.700.000 M2
  • 1 manual unit for small quantities
  • profiles max.length 8000 mm
  • max.height 2000 mm, max width 500 mm

European quality label Qualicoat N°519.
Quality label Qualimarine N°QM06.