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Here you find useful documents and brochures to download.

HVAC&R brochures

Aluminium tube solutions for fin and tube heat exchangers

Aluminium tubes for fin an tube heat exchangers html icon English (pdf, 3.4Mb)



Aluminium tube solutions for micro-channel heat exchangers


 Aluminium tubes for micro-channel heat exchangers

html icon English (pdf, 4.2Mb)


 Aluminium line sets for air-conditioning

 Aluminium line sets for air-conditioning  

North America
and Asia

html icon Aluminium line sets (pdf, 2.8Mb)


South America

html icon Tubos de Aluminio para instalação de Ar Condicionado tipo Split System (pdf, 2.8Mb)


Installation guideline for aluminium line sets

 Installation guide for line sets cover picture    

South America

html icon Guia Rápido de Instalação para os Tubos Tratados de Alumínio Hylife (pdf, 1.9Mb)

General brochures

Welcome to the new Sapa! Day-1 brochure 

Welcome to the new Sapa brochure html icon English (swf, 1.6 Mo)

html icon Portuguese (swf, 1.6 Mo)

html icon Chinese (swf, 1.6Mo)
 html iconEnglish (pdf, 1.3Mo)

 html iconPortuguese (pdf. 1.3 Mo)

 html iconChinese (pdf, 1.3Mo)