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Sapa in Poland

Profiles, anodising and coating

Standard aluminium profiles or customised aluminium-based solutions? Sapa knows everything about the process of aluminium extrusion process, production of components and finished aluminium products.
To fully meet our customers’ requirements, we have five extrusion presses aluminium profiles (6”, 7” and 9”) at our disposal. Our modern machinery stock used for the manufacturing purposes is supplemented with the anodising and powder coating plants offering professional anodising and coating services for your profiles and components.

Sapa: Your Supplier of Aluminium Profiles

Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions. We are shaping a lighter future through a global reach and local presence within extrusions, building systems, and precision tubing. We have 23,500 employees in more than 40 countries, and our headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway.
Sapa has two production plants in Poland (Trzcianka and Chrzanów) and a processing plant and a powder paint shop in Łódź.

Our offer

We offer aluminium profiles characterised by various surface quality requirements, manufactured, anodised and coated, dedicated for:
- lighting fittings and LED profiles,
- furniture, shower cabins and decorative trip lines,
- shop furnishing and equipment, display cabinets,
- electric cabinets, cooling fins, fridges and deep freezers,
- components for the automotive industry,
- car side boards, roof rails
- facades, windows, doors, hand-rails and building systems,
- roofing elements, awnings, balustrade poles and gates
- load-bearing structures, guides, scaffolding, ladders
- components for telecommunications and electronic industry
- solutions for the market of renewable energy products, solar and wind energy systems


Sapa Aluminium Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kopernika 18                              tel: +48 67 35 25 105
64-980 Trzcianka                            fax: +48 67 35 67 140
ul. Hydro 1
                                        tel: +48 32 62 58 000
32-500 Chrzanow                            fax: +48 32 62 58 001

Sapa Components Sp. z o.o.
ul. Graniczna 64/66                          tel: +48 42 68 36 300
93-428 Lodz                                     fax: +48 42 68 36 303


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