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The anodising process is to create a protective aluminium oxide coating on aluminium profiles or elements as well as to improve aesthetic qualities of the components.

Profiles and components are properly prepared before the anodising process takes place. Pickling is one of the most important stages of the preparation process.

Pickling is to remove small scratches, abrasions or contaminations as well as to matt the surface (satin effect). The pickling solution is based on a solution of sodium hydroxide in water.

In April 2010, we also introduced the Shot Blasting technique.

Thanks to the Shot Blasting technique, we have managed to improve the surface quality and eliminate the trails typical of the profile extrusion process. Changes in the surface structure ensure deeper matt effect than in the case of conventional pickling.
Additionally, the new technology is more environment friendly as the use of hazardous chemicals is reduced.

Qualities of anodised profiles:

  • Coating characterised by high purity and crystalline structure
  • Improved surface hardness
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Aesthetic looks
  • Ease of obtaining diversified colours

Specification of the anodising process:

  • Length 8,700 mm
  • Height 2,200 mm
  • Colours: natural, golden, champagne, brown (various shades all the way to black)
  • Thickness of the anode layer from 5 do 25 micrometers
  • Three independent lines
  • Chemical brightening
  • Stainless steel effect (i.e. inox)