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Mechanical working

Mechanical working

Additional mechanical working is often necessary in order to obtain a high quality product or a refine one. It is already at the stage of designing an aluminium profile that we can design a structure which will reduce further processing requirements to the minimum. Sapa Aluminium Sp. z o.o. has got all the tools for optimisation of the profile shape and machining type in order to obtain a more useful product, reduce the manufacturing time as well ensure an attractive price.

Our mechanical working offer includes the following processes:

Cutting - straight and angle cutting, equipment made by reputable European manufacturers ensures precise and automatic cutting.

Die shearing - wide range of extrusion press sizes allows us to manufacture any aluminium profile based detail requiring die shearing technology.

Drilling and threading - as both operations may be performed using traditional and numerical controlled machines, orifices and treads are precise and can have various diameters.

Milling - using high performance, numerical controlled machines allows us to offer milling on details up to 6 m long.

Surface treatment - allows us to improve the aesthetic value of a product as well as its functionality at the same time. We have got brushing, polishing and shot-blasting equipment at our disposal as well as edge trimming and vibroabrasive treatment machines.

Cold bridge crimping - combined with anodising and powder coating constitutes a complete range of services for companies dealing with building systems.

Bending - a wide range of bending methods and technologies.

Printed inscriptions - printed inscriptions on details using silk-screen printing technique.

Welding of aluminium elements - TIG and MIG welding.

Engraving - engraving with a numerical controlled machine.

Assembly - particular components are assembled on purpose-built sites in order to provide a customer with a finished product.