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Aluminium profiles

We offer comprehensive solutions, as manufacturing of aluminium profiles is only a small part of Sapa Aluminium capabilities. At the top level, we offer mechanical working and surface treatment services: anodising and coating of aluminium profiles. In order to fully satisfy our customers’ expectations, we have got three extrusion presses for aluminium profiles at our disposal (6”, 7” and 9”).

We offer:

  • manufacturing of standard profiles,

  • manufacturing of customised profiles made to fit individual construction solutions,

  • mechanical working including simple operations as well as individual solutions, which allow us to obtain a finished component,

  • surface treatment including natural and colour anodising as well as powder and Decoral coating.

The concept of a comprehensive service allows us to:

  • obtain a superior quality product, as we ensure quality assurance at each stage of the manufacturing process;

  • reduce costs related to transporting products to various subcontractors;

  • reduce the lead time.

From a profile to a complete solution...

  • Profile design

  • Optimisation

  • Product development

  • CAD models and simulations

  • Prototypes

  • FEM engineering calculations

  • Tests, measurements and research

 Production capacity

Four extrusion presses for aluminium profiles (6”, 7” and 9”)

Alloys: 6060, 6061, 6063, 6005A, 6082, 1070A, 3003