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Surface quality

Surface quality

The surface quality classification system used at Sapa meets the standard requirements applicable to various product groups.
The system comprises four classes: A, B, C and S, where B is the highest class possible immediately after pressing, and S is designed for customised requirements of the customers.

Class A is the highest quality requirements designed primarily for elements where a key element of the product is the visual effect. Mainly used in the furniture industry, sports, interior, etc.

The C-Class is characterized by elements of acceptable surface defects while maintaining their full functionality - addresses structural components, component where aluminum is not used part of the apparent surface (exposed).

If as a result of the configuration the customer will receive two results, eg. surface class S and class C extrusion must be individually consult result of our technical advice which will determine the final grade product area.
Typically, the extrusion material requires additional surface treatment to achieve the expected effect.

To find out which class best matches your product, please select the respective product group, segment, and surface requirements.

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