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Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Running a thriving company means reaching for the best solutions in every area of ​​business, including environmental issues. Our environmental efforts are based on concentrating forces and means in order to prevent pollution. If it cannot be reasonably eliminated, we take all steps to minimise its negative impact on the environment. We invest in new technologies, using environmentally friendly solutions.

We operate on the basis of the Environmental Management System, which is part of the Integrated Management System in our Company, meeting the requirements of ISO 14001.

We are aware of the impact our business has on the environment. For many years, we have been monitoring our impact on the environment and have been running a number of environmental programmes. In this respect, our reliability is based solely on co-operation with laboratories, individuals and entities with appropriate accreditations, certifications and approvals.

Our actions are based on concern for the environment, covering the entire production process, from stamping profiles to their recycling.

Meeting the legal requirements related to the environmental protection is treated as absolute minimum and very often we go beyond the existing rules.

Proper communication and training of employees allow improving awareness of reasonable use of resources and materials, and proper waste segregation.

Our green approach results from a sense of responsibility towards future generations.