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TUUCI turns heads with top quality


TUUCI turns heads with top quality

Using finished and unfinished profiles from Sapa, TUUCI Asia in Vietnam is assembling some of the most recognizable umbrellas on earth.

Amid the buzzing streets of Ho Chi Minh City, employees at TUUCI Asia are quietly assembling umbrellas that “are utilized by many of the largest restaurant chains throughout the world,” says Truong Huynh, TUUCI’s managing director in Vietnam.

Headquartered in Miami and with production in the United States and Vietnam, TUUCI has spent the past 16 years developing a reputation that has lifted the company to the top of its industry. Its aim is to manufacture “shade platforms” that combine function with design, uniqueness and style. High quality products also require durability, and TUUCI’s are robust, long-lasting in all environments.

At TUUCI’s new facility in Vietnam – it outgrew its previous location – the company is assembling umbrellas for export to retail markets, hotels and resorts, and for the general public. Extruded aluminium is part of every one.

TUUCI uses Sapa-supplied unfinished profiles, and profiles with the aesthetically appealing “satin finish.” The 15-micron finish lasts for 20-to-25 years.

“Our basis for competition is quality and sleek design. We are a small operation in Vietnam, but we aim to satisfy the top of the line,” says Truong. “Our product quality is as good as you get anywhere in the world.”

Developing together
Small teams of employees collaborate in stations across the floor of the facility. The teams are efficient and effective. At the end of the line, when the fabric has been added to the umbrellas, the products receive a final quality check before being packed and stacked 10 meters high in the fenced storage area. “Having the lightness of aluminum helps us in stacking,” says Truong.

TUUCI’s unique offerings provide the largest range of options – hundreds of options – in color and fabric. It is light, durable and suitable for any environment, just like the aluminum at its core.

 “We started here eight years ago with six people and now we have 40 employees which is excellent growth for TUUCI,” says Truong (right). “But we are still not what people would consider a big company.”

“Because quality is our focus, we have to find suppliers who can always meet our specifications. And because our production varies according to the seasons in our largest markets, mainly the U.S., we require flexibility, since lead time is a challenge for companies shipping from Vietnam.”

“I strongly believe a supplier is a partner, and we can develop together. I feel like we have suppliers who adapt to our demands and who make us feel like a much larger customer, and I appreciate that.”

Truong Huynh - Managing Director of TUCCI Vietnam

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